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To Whom It May Concern
Re Relocation of the Sound Emporium to Harnam Bunker


I am writing with regard to the above proposal for ‘The Sound Emporium’ Salisbury to relocate its facility from its current location to Harnam Bunker.
“The Sound Emporium” is a highly regarded youth service provision, and with music education in schools across the country coming under increased pressure due to widespread cuts, musical facilities of this nature type are an immensely valuable addition to the local community. As well as nurturing the musicians of tomorrow in a safe and secure environment, musical education of the kind provided by “The Sound Emporium” provides numerous transferable life skills to those who participate, not least increased confidence building and social interaction skills.
We understand that no costs will be incurred by Wiltshire Council or its residents regarding the proposed relocation to what is currently a derelict Council-owned building, that it will be completely refurbished internally, including extensive sound proofing to ensure it is fit for purpose, and further that “The Sound Emporium” will offer a model for a permanently free sustainable youth music service going forward.
The MU therefore fully support “The Sound Emporium”s aims and objectives, and we would urge the Council and any other parties that have an interest in the decision making process to fully support the proposed relocation.


Yours sincerely


- Paul Gray


Regional Officer Musicians' Union
The Musicians' Union was established in 1893 and represents over 30,000 musicians working in all genres of music. As well as negotiating on behalf of its members with all the major employers in the industry, the MU offers a range of services tailored for the self-employed by providing assistance for professional and student musicians of all ages. More info: www.theMU.org

Before I went to Hendrix I was kind of a depressed and very anxious person. My life pretty much consisted of waking up turning on my computer and watching youtube in bed until i eventually went back to sleep. My life felt completely worthless, so i just didn't leave my bedroom. This was shortly after a really bad break up, and because of that breakup I dropped out of college and did nothing with my life for about a year. I even left my job I had since I was 13.
But then my mum (with a little help from a few very kind people) found something called "the sound emporium". This then lead to me agreeing to go try out a day at Hendrix house, at first I was incredibly nervous just to leave my room, I didn't really talk to a lot of people at first but everyone seemed really nice and pretty cool.
Eventually I found myself on my own playing guitar in one of the studios, I wasn't great at that time but apparently someone (who later turned out to become one of my best friends) had heard me in there playing guitar on my own. He decided to come in and say hi, it was this kind gesture and the overall genuine hospitality and just how plainly nice everyone was, that broke me out of my shell.
For as long as I have been going to Hendrix I have never missed a single day and have really increased my musical skills. Plus I have been going outside a lot more and am seeing new people. Now I have a strong group of friends I will always be thankful for. And I am proud to say I am no longer depressed and barely suffer from anxiety. Thanks to Hendrix and the great people there I have also now applied to go to college and further educate myself in music.

Some of what I said may seem insignificant or even irrelevant. Truth be told I wouldn't have ever thought of telling anyone this story. But the main thing to take from my story is that without Hendrix and all the amazing people responsible for it, my life would be considerably worse. In Fact without Hendrix I very much doubt I would be here today. Hendrix literally saved my life, and for that I am incredibly grateful and for the first time I can actually see myself having a career in music. I hope that it goes on to help many others, because I know there are people out there who are like I was, Hendrix has the ability to make their lives better as well, people just have to let it.
Music is the best and easiest way to connect with people on an emotional level, and it brings happiness to even the saddest of souls. This is why Hendrix is so great, it allows teenagers to express themselves, meet new people and gain a new perspective on many things, and perhaps most importantly it's a place to relax and have fun with mates, instead of wandering around town all day. I truly hope Hendrix is able to continue its great work. Because without it there isn't really anything else to do.

- Matt Godfrey-Bawden (16 years old)

Dear Sir or Madam,
Re: Relocation of the Sound Emporium to the Harnham bunker, Salisbury
I am writing with regard to the above proposal for ‘The Sound Emporium’ Salisbury to relocate its facility from Grosvenor house in Salisbury to the above location.
My eldest son Jack has worked closely with Ross and his team at the Sound Emporium for the last few years and this has given him an incredibly valuable insight into the music industry and he has honed skills across various instruments. Beyond this skill set my son's confidence and having a sense of place has allowed him to grow into a charming young man and I thank Ross and his team for all they have done this far.
This type of facility is incredibly valuable to the local community and I hear many similar stories from the mums and dads who report their children success. It is very likely that when a facility like this relocates it will not be received in a positive light by the local community stating there will be all manner of community issues such as, rubbish, graffiti and a devaluing to the immediate area and environment.
Ross and his team are professional musicians who provide a facility that is kept in the very best way and I can see no reason whatsoever why any local resident wouldn't wholeheartedly support such a scheme to continue developing our young people. In my professional capacity I accept that residents do not like change but it would be irresponsible and counterproductive for residents to stand in the way of what is only a positive scheme for the local community and the very most important part of our lives, our children.
I live in Harnham so also have one foot in the local residents camp and I can see no reason why this proposal should not be supported 100%. I sincerely hope that common sense will prevail and Ross’s continued ambition is to support the young people of Salisbury is supported unilaterally by the local authorities, local residents and any other party that has an interest in the decision-making process.


Yours sincerely


- James Jordan



Dear Ross and Kayleigh
What you are doing for the young people around Salisbury is fantastic. Having seen this develop from an idea, nearly 3 years ago, and grow into a fabulous service supporting and inspiring young (potential) musicians deserves huge recognition.
Too many people are scared of grasping a different approach to reaching today’s youth, but you are doing it with imagination and drive but sadly little money. I hope the community get behind this venture and see what a huge benefit there is to engaging with these delightful students.
This year you have been a finalist in the Enterprise Wiltshire Awards and a winner in Spire FM’s awards, these alone are significant accolades with, I hope, further acknowledgement of your hard work in the future.
Congratulations to you and your dedicated team on the work so far................ I hope you will “rock your socks off” for many years !


Kind regards


- Dee


Dee Temple-Multon| Business Manager

Dear Sir, Madam,
My daughter lara who's 13 years old has been attending the sound emporium for a while now and absolutely loves it. What they offer youth is amazing, the opportunity to learn an instrument, sing, write music etc, they offer so much and work so hard!!.
My daughter thinks the world of them, they always have time for her. The kids that go there are a great bunch, so talented and eager to learn. Ross and Kayleigh and the team are a trully special group of people that are offering kids from all walks of life the opportunity to try new things.
I just dont know what my daughter and the others would do without them. These kids are being given amazing skills, and I believe they are a real asset to the local community.
Keep The Sound Emporium rocking!! They are what ALL the kids of today need,


Many Thanks

- Laura Hailwood-Thomas

Dear Sound Emporium Team
We would like to show support for the plans to renovate the Harnham Bunker and create further opportunities for young people in Salisbury.
When I first saw what you had done to Grosvenor House, I was truly speechless, blown away! I wish I was young enough to come there!! The transformation you had made in a short amount of time and within a tight budget was inspiring, and further more you involved those to whom you were doing it for - The young community in Salisbury.
Many residents in Salisbury may be unaware of the cuts made to youth facilities and services, and what you have provided for many of them is another route to success, another place to feel safe, accepted and looked after. Something I feel we are seriously lacking in Salisbury now.
I have been working with a young man through Princes Trust, you were able to provide him with work experience, which has since inspired him to pursue working within Youth Work and continuing to support you through volunteering. The feedback you have given is priceless, thank you for making in impact and sincerely and genuinely caring about his future.
I have never heard anything but positives about the work and support you are offering, not only to the deprived areas, but to every young person/child in Salisbury, and being so inclusive makes you super!!
I feel that having somewhere for you to continue the work you are doing is essential to carry on impacting on individuals lives, they need someone to believe in them, someone to boost their confidence.
Carry on with being amazing and doing great stuff!!


- Gemma Snell


Team Leader, Salisbury
The Learning Curve Salisbury Prince’s Trust Team programme

The School of Rock/ The Sound Emporium has become a very important part of Christopher's life. It is a safe place for him to go, meet other kids, learn music, have fun and be with adults who respect him and listen to him and encourage him. I would rather have him there than sat at home on the Xbox or playing computer games. He is developing into a talented musician and had an opportunity to perform on stage - and feature in the Journal - which he will never forget. Also has encouraged other friends to join the group even if they've never shown an interest in music.
I honestly don't know what we would do without this wonderful service for young people in the community. The time and effort dedicated by Ross, Kayleigh and Dave is so much appreciated. So, a massive huge thank you from a proud parent!


- Heather Hitchins

The sound emporium offer a brilliant and needed service to young people in salisbury. They are offering salisbury a great way of turning a council building that has remained derelict and a worry for local residents into a place that is safe and useful to the community, only a short walk from the city centre. What's more the business model offered at this location provides the community a free service to young people in a safe and engaging environment at no cost to the council using 106 money that has remained unspent for some time to get it started.
The sound emporium and school of rock, in my view, are highly professional and a socially responsible organisation, they have already proved they can turn a council building in to a thriving safe place for young people for next to nothing and run a successful event on the Heath. I'm sure the way sound emporium and school of rock has been set up is exactly what is intended when the government talks about community services and the growth agenda. Salisbury needs organisations like this, I believe the council have a great opportunity, if contracted carefully, to support a thriving business and sustain a valuable service.


- David Piner

Dear Sound Emporium,
I would like to write a letter in support of your efforts to secure a future base for your wonderful company.
I have been living in Salisbury for three years and have to admit that in this city, life as an independent and self employed music tutor has been hard. What I found soon after my arrival, was that this is a city full of people, of all ages, who love music. Musicians, educators, young people forming bands, children wanting to learn an instrument, there are plenty in each category... But what I also found is that opportunities for the music community of this city to express their enthusiasm and passion were increasingly limited. To make matters worse, two beacons of hope of the local music education scene, Route 36 and Bass Connection at Grosvenor House, were discontinued last year in a short space of time.
The tragic consequence of such developments is that the only way for young people to become engaged in a healthy music learning programme, to be inspired to pick up musical instruments or a microphone, is by the privilege of being at a school with a strong and dedicated music department. That is evidently grossly unfair, because more often than not, it is the children with less privilege who can benefit most from becoming involved in music. Those who struggle with confidence and may not be thriving in the school system, those who have issues in communicating their problems to grown-ups, those with troubled backgrounds... you don't need me to tell you just how much they could benefit from acquiring a creative outlet.
Besides the obvious advantage of creative accomplishment, there's something to be said for the sheer presence of an open, welcoming and safe environment where young people can hang around and socialise. A place they can belong to. A place where there are responsible adults who can listen to their problems if need be. There's a horrible and cynical myth being perpetrated by sections of society, which is that if you let young people gather in a communal space then they'll wreak havoc and become wild and antisocial. Actually it's the opposite, if you don't create a positive environment in which they CAN be civil, positive and learn the importance of social behaviour, they are much more likely to become destructive, alienated, frustrated. I have been
a drummer and tutor for many years, and before that I was just like them, a young person wanting to play in bands, meet people, make friends. Believe me I can tell the difference between a young person who wants to express himself and a violent and vicious youth who could have been saved by a decent youth centre had there been one for him.
Well just about when I was ready to give up on Salisbury and look to move my teaching practice elsewhere, I found out that a new group, you, the Sound Emporium, was running local youth music services, in the old Grosvenor house. I contacted you without much hope, but I was amazed to find a really resourceful group of devoted and passionate educators in my city. Right from the start I identified in your company an incredibly positive energy. I realised that you really believe in music, in its power to bring people together, and also that you really believe in young people, that if you treat them with respect and inspire them you will bring the best out of them. If you believe in young people you also believe in a future that is worth living. How refreshing to feel this way in the cynical and disheartening context of these austerity years!
One might say a good heart is not enough, but you are much more than that. You are also an efficient, responsible, conscientious, well run company, as your recent South Wiltshire business award can attest to. I like the fact that you are not interested in utopias, but in viable solutions for young people today in Salisbury. The world has undoubtedly changed from a time when a massive apparatus for youth services could be run entirely on public funds. There is no point denying it. But you are showing that it is still possible to do something wonderful if you have spirit of enterprise, conviction, and creativity. That in itself should be a reason for all of us in Salisbury to feel very proud and excited. We have a great idea brewing in our city!
From the strict point of view of my teaching practice, I have been extremely well looked after by your team. In fact, you have made me feel part of the team. It is not just young people who can
benefit from a good social environment, teachers need that too! All my students have been really happy since I transferred their lessons to The Sound Emporium. They all told me the same thing: 'What a great place, I'm really impressed with what they've done with it!'. The equipment is great, anything we need is provided promptly.
Now that you're trying to secure your future by moving to new, permanent premises, I can only wish you all the best, and hope that the local community will be able to see just how advantageous it is to have such a place in Salisbury. I have full confidence that you will do absolutely everything necessary to make the bunker an ideal and suitable location for your activities. I know that you will make it a safe place and respect all the planning requirements. I have full trust that you will be extremely conscientious in dealing with the issue of sound pollution, by soundproofing the premises, and applying sensible curfews to musical activities. I have 100% confidence that each and every young person who will frequent the new site, will have complete respect for local residents, just as every single young person I meet at Hendrix House has had complete respect for me and others
around him.
I believe your continued existence is not only important but vital for Salisbury. I believe a large majority of this city realises this. You have found the ideal site that will guarantee your future, and I can only express my full support in your endeavour to secure it.
Kind regards,


- Luigi Cibrario

Drum Tutor

Hendrix house has been a life saver for Mathew. Having suffered anxiety and leaving college last September he was lost. He started going to Hendrix and gained a new lease of life. He now has a group of friends with similar interests. They enjoy playing music together and have a mutual support group. Ross and Kayleigh support the kids really well and encourage them. There are behavioural rules which if breached result in not being able to attend. Matt rarely misses as there is a camaraderie that is not easy to find elsewhere. Most other youth services have been cut. The music does not go on late so cannot cause a nuisance. The alternative is these kids roaming the streets bored. I personally will be very sad for these kids if this service can't continue.

- Emma Godfrey-Bawden

The Sound Emporium is an amazing place for my band to rehearse for free, for us to meet new talented musicians-who have built their confidence with instruments and as people through The Sound Emporium- and to learn from staff and the other young people.
Music has always been my therapy in whatever sense you wish to take that. I think it’s safe to say no one has an easy run in life but music, in a way, is the medicine I need. To be able to go out of my house and play with other musicians is amazing and gives me something to do. Without the Sound Emporium my band would have nowhere to rehearse, so my final point is, if The Sound Emporium were to be no longer, there would be a sizeable group of kids who have nowhere to go. Who have nowhere to get their dose of “music medicine”.

- Courtney Mct (17 years old)

The Local Youth Network which is the young people’s voice and influences part of the Area Board, recently awarded The Sound Emporium a grant for an instrument loan scheme. This is because we believe it is important to invest in young people gaining skills and developing their individual talents. The Sound Emporium are in the business of doing this and have demonstrated a high level of commitment to the young people they work with. The team provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment for young people where they can engage with activities and socialise and learn a lot about music. This helps young people to grow in self confidence and develop skills for life.
If you were to visit Hendrix House in Churchfields you would see that the inside of the centre has been carefully restored and has become an exciting music hub for young people. It is much more than a building now and young people need to feel that the achievements they have made to date with the help of all the staff will not be overlooked.
All of us need to work together to ensure future sustainable provision for young people.

- Winnie Manning


Community Youth Officer Salisbury Local Youth Network


My daughter was having issues with anxiety and receiving some help to manage this from the children's mental health team, they recommended your youth group as somewhere she might like to attend, especially as she has a love of music, singing and drama. As we all know the "arts" can provide amazing outlets for emotional feelings and boost confidence and she has loved every minute since joining you.
She attends your youth club on a Thursday which she enjoys so much, we both love the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the group. As a parent I obviously took note of the way it was run, the other kids and the way staff interacted with me and my daughter as I was going to be leaving my most treasured possession with you!! Not once have I had any cause for concern.
Since joining you my daughter has restarted drum lessons and has been given a free 6 month loan of a drum kit to practice which I'm so grateful for as I wouldn't have been able to provide this myself.
Keep it up guys you are amazing!


- Jules Rothery

Dear Ross & Kayleigh,
On behalf of Rise:61 I would like to thank you for all the time, energy and hard work you have given to young people in Salisbury. I have seen first hand the hours and hours of work you've put in, the dedication, the sacrifice and most importantly the impact you are having on young people in Salisbury.
We started working with Ross & Kayleigh two years ago to support young people from Bemerton Heath with a passion in music to grow and develop their skills in this area. From being too scared to sing in a group we've seen young people do live performances in front of hundreds, we've seen young people decide to study music at A-level after discovering their passion for it in these groups, we've seen confidence grow and young people having a place to belong.
For the young people we work with in Bemerton Heath, these sort of projects are vital. They give them the opportunity to show what they are capable of. Our dream is to see more projects like this pop up across the city. Projects that give young people whatever their background the opportunity to follow their passions and dreams, have fun and be empowered to shape their futures for the better.
Thank you for your inspiration and belief in young people. To me that is what makes what you do really impactful, you really care, and that comes across in how you work and young people see it.
We hope and pray you get the support you need.


Many Thanks,


- Mike Partridge


Rise:61 Trustee

We are all for it, development of our youth is an investment in the future of the Nation.
Best wishes,

- Tony & Mel Morland

It's good because you don't just play instruments you learn about them, and you play games as well.


- Joe Treslove (8 years old)

I am writing this letter in support of the proposed move of the services provided by The Sound Emporium from Grovesnor House to the bunker in Harnham.
I have been a music producer and studio engineer for the past 5 years since leaving university. During this time I have had the opportunity to work alongside some world renowned music producers and artists in some of the top studios in the world. I owe much of my career to the youth music series that existed in Salisbury when I was growing up. Although Salisbury is a small city, it was absolutely buzzing with things for young people to do, particularly because of the youth service which was thriving when I was a member, everyone wanted to be part of. It was places like this that inspired me to take music seriously, I had my first recording experience there and that got me interested in what is now my career. Unfortunately in recent years, youth services such as Bass Connection which ran out of Grosvenor house were shut down which had a massive impact in the lives of young, talented individuals in the Salisbury area.
I was excited to hear that The Sound Emporium were taking over the running of youth services at Grosvenor House (Hendrix House). I met with Ross and Kayleigh and was inspired by their vision and ideas, they immediately made me feel welcome and invited me in as part of the team. I now volunteer during the youth nights and run the on site recording facility that is available for members to use.
The Sound Emporium provides an essential service for young people in Salisbury and the surrounding areas. It is more than just a youth club, it educates and inspires the young people who go there and gives them an opportunity to express their creativity and grow in confidence as well as learning essential social skills and etiquette. All staff at Sound Emporium are trained professionals who have experience working not only in music but also in education and youth work. They provide professional environment where young people can feel safe and comfortable. This leads to a level of respect and discipline that is followed by everyone that uses the service. All young people who use the service are polite and respectful of other individuals and the environment around them and I have not ever witnessed any antisocial behaviour whilst working with the Sound Emporium.
In addition to the youth service, The Sound Emporium have also given the opportunity for music freelancers to get involved and provide professional services such as instrument tuition, music production and workshops. All of which require a dedicated space with good quality equipment, these are both provided at Hendrix House. By enabling freelancers to get involved, the Sound Emporium have helped local professionals and have also introduced a model that can be sustainable and transferable. This can help to boost the local economy which is an important part of the ethos of The Sound Emporium. Their work within the community has been demonstrated by the 'Festival on the Heath' event which took place recently, this was a huge success which brought local people and businesses together to provide an enjoyable free event.
It is incredibly important that the proposed move of these services goes ahead. The new location is based underground which is perfect for a music service as it will greatly minimise noise levels. The bunker will be totally renovated and I am certain that Ross and the team will create a safe, professional and entertaining space which adheres to all planning and health & safety regulations and is mindful of any concerns that local residents may have.
Salisbury has an opportunity to support an incredible facility which can support young people and nurture their creativity and talent. It is a facility that Salisbury should be proud of and should be fully backed by residents.

- Luke Southwell

Hi Ross,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you, Kayleigh and Dave for the huge effort you all put in to the School of Rock. It's fantastic to see such commitment to the young people of Salisbury and my son Christopher has really blossomed as a drummer under your careful guidance. We're extremely grateful for your hard work,
Keep on rocking!

- Dave Hitchins

I've been coming to The Sound Emporium for over a year and I'd be lost without it. In the time I've been here I've learnt to play a bit of guitar (acoustic, electric and bass) but now I've got my heart set on drums.
I've met some amazing people and one which has become my best friend. The Sound Emporium have also let me do work experience with them which was amazing. They have lent me an electric Roland drum-kit which has allowed me to practice at home without my neighbours banging on the walls and doors because I can plug in headphones!


- Morleigh Drewitt (15 years old)

You guys are such dedicated workers to those who want to learn music but may not have the resources, not only do you produce a fun and safe place for kids to learn but you give them happiness. I wish I'd had what you guys have created when I was younger. Keep up the good work.


- Phillip Tetlow

Dear Ross and Kayleigh,
I wanted to write and offer my support for the work you are doing with and for young people in Salisbury. As a Salisbury resident I find it reassuring to know that despite the closure of the youth service by Wiltshire Council that young people in Salisbury and outlying areas have had access to such high quality services as those offered by The Sound Emporium at Hendrix (formerly Grosvenor) House. As a result of the passion, drive and commitment shown by Ross and Kayleigh The Sound Emporium have driven a renewed legacy of a free to access, professional quality music inclusion service for a new generation of young people in our city, something which started in Grosvenor House some 20 years ago.
I am delighted to know that The Sound Emporium has identified the Bunker as a new potential permanent home for services and it is only right that Salisbury Area Board are behind you on this. The Young People of our city are treated unfairly by some members of our society (many if not all of whom ought to know better as we were all young once!) when they are castigated as being anti- social and a cause of problems for our local communities. Our young people are a well of creative talent! The only thing young people lack are more opportunities to invest that talent and the support and belief in their abilities by the rest of us.
Local government has been facing almost unprecedented financial challenges throughout the last parliament and this trend will continue for most of the next. In light of such pressures Wiltshire Council has necessarily needed to 'cut its cloth'. Many local residents including me feel, since the dissolution of Salisbury District Council in 2009, that Salisbury City has seen resources diverted out of the area into higher priority areas in the Authority. Our response to these challenges must be to work with vehicles like the Area Board and get behind our community through projects like The Sound Emporium who are at the creative coalface of investing in our young people.
As someone who has worked in the third sector most of my adult life I think it is entirely appropriate to constitute a new Community Interest Company that's raison d'être is to further the creative talents of the younger members of our society. I am more than impressed by the socially enterprising approaches being adopted and developed by the Sound Emporium in its work. In addition to creating these opportunities for young people the Sound Emporium is creating enterprise, generating work opportunities for peripatetic teachers, some of whom were previously employed by the Council's Music Service.
Through the amazing work in partnerships with local businesses the free "Festival on the Heath" was brought to our city, The Sound Emporium is generating further potential economic input to our local economy. I believe these types of enterprising approaches such as are modelled by the Sound Emporium are critical to ensuring such services are sustainable in the future. I for one am fully supportive of the work of the Sound Emporium and I wish them every success in their proposed move to the Bunker.
Kind regards,

- Tom Belshaw


Development Manager Community First Wessex

The Sound Emporium is great and should stay open because it brings people together and helps young people make new friends.


- Brandon Morris (16 years old)

Dear Ross
I just wanted to say thanks to all the staff at the sound Emporium for all the encouragement and inspiration you are giving to Owen with his music ,singing and lyric writing .

I think the sound emporium is a great facility and provides a much needed focus and support for the youth of Salisbury .

This service directs the youngsters talents fills their enthusiasm so their ambitions are not lost and assists them to reach their potential. Without your input the youngsters would be without focus.

It is good to see the youngsters confidence grow and to be part of the community events which the sound emporium have supported such as the Magna Carta parade and the Festival on the Heath.

Thanks again we look forward to seeing you all after the summer.



- Helen Whicher


In the music industry they say it is not always what you know but who you know which makes the difference. At a place like Hendrix House making that difference is so much easier, better and more fun than most other places.
You are surrounded by other like minded individuals all joined together to have a fun and productive time in a safe environment under supervision. Being effectively supervised makes all the difference between having a fun and safe time and not.
A youth centre such as this is extremely important because it can productively cultivate enjoyment of the individuals who go there, I really hope that this service can continue at the Bunker.


- Chris Shore

When I was a kid, about 5, I only had my grandfather to teach me anything musical. I had the influences growing up of the music around me of course but the want to actually play was only made by him. Sadly for me he passed on when I was 7 and though I had knowledge of how to play it wasn't enough and I didn't play again until later in life, and that was only due to an injury that kept me stationary for a long period of time. Had we had the benefit of such a place as 'Sound Emporium' things could have been so much easier. I have been lucky enough to play in 3 good successful touring bands, I was lucky that I picked it up again by chance, others are not so lucky and immense talent is missed due to life in general.
The Sound Emporium is the conduit for youngsters to music. I have witnessed first hand the fantastic work they are doing and the joy it brings young people, who rather than being sat in-front of a computer or wandering the streets are learning a talent, and more importantly being given the opportunity to do so. To not support its work is to deem the wasting of talent acceptable. This world is a far better place for so many for having 'Sound Emporium' in it.

"Any fool can know, the point is to understand." Albert Einstein


- Sean 'Seamus' Queenan


The Sound Emporium have helped me progress so much music wise and also have given me multiple opportunities I wouldn't get without it. The youth services help me relax and get away from being bored at home and yeah it's really good.


- Thomas Piner (16 years old)

To whom it may concern
I have worked with Kayleigh, Ross and Dave from The Sound Emporium to bring "The Festival on the Heath" to reality. They volunteered to assist the Bemerton Heath Residents Association and they actually led us all the way.
They were not just involved so were the teenagers who attend Hendrix House. The teenagers they work with came forward and worked their socks off prior and during the community event. Whether it was delivering leaflets to every single house on the Heath to putting up posters in town. They stood up before any adults when we asked for stewards and they worked the whole event, 1pm till 9pm. I will go as far to say without them we would have had no stewards.
The Sound Emporium work hard with "our future" and we have to support them all. The bunker is an ideal place and I feel that "putting them in an industrial unit" is ludicrous - and as a mother I find it inconceivable that people keep having a "not in my back yard" attitude in this day and age; along with saying that it will bring trouble to the area. These children/teenagers need to be given opportunities that we were never given and shown we believe in them.
I totally understand that local residents will have concerns but I can assure you that my experience has been nothing but excellent and I have full admiration for Kayleigh, Ross, Dave and the kids.
Kind Regards


- Lol Wilde


Bemerton Heath Residents Association Events Officer

The Sound Emporium has changed my life in so many ways. Before, I was spending all my time doing things I shouldn't have been doing. There was nothing else for me to do. Since January, it's been there for me, and I go twice a week, to the school of rock, where I have learnt how to play bass guitar, and sound engineering, as well as the youth nights. It gives me something to do that is perfectly safe, and I don't feel the need to vandalise things, because I have something to do, somewhere to go. It means I'm not always stuck at home, where I can get lonely, and my parents are happy because I'm in a safe place. The Sound Emporium has changed my life for the better, and I hope it can continue to do so for me and others.


- Gareth Hancock (15 years old)


The Sound Emporium – Harnham Hill Bunker
I am writing in support of the move for the Youth Service The Sound Emporium provide to the Harnham Hill Bunker.
I work in Children and Young People’s Development in Children’s Services and reside next door to Ross Sanderson from the Sound Emporium. After reading the comments from some of the neighbours in the Salisbury Journal regarding the Harnham Bunker move I would like to reassure some of their concerns and worries regarding the noise and youth groups.
As a neighbour Ross regularly practices his ideas and theories for the Youth Group at home. I have four children, the youngest is five, and I work six to seven days a week. My property is attached to Ross Sanderson’s property and I have never since residing here in the last year, been disturbed or has noise been an issue.

The Studios at Hendrix House are well insulated from noise and neighbours there also do not find noise or youths creating a nuisance.
As an employee in Children’s Services, youth groups in this area are incredibly important as there are no current services for teenagers and very little support for children of this age in
Salisbury. Performance, creative arts and music are subjects that are continually overlooked as ‘serious academic subjects’ even though they are vitally important to continue the creative aspect of children’s health and development and will improve areas such as confidence and self-esteem.
Youth Groups such as the Sound Emporium are proved to promote positive outcomes in children and young adults which is completely the opposite from the concerns and comments from Harnham residents such as drugs, alcohol and loitering.
Children and young adults that have strong creative elements need groups such as the Sound Emporium to nourish and continue their developing skills which will lead them to successful employment in creative roles in the future.


Kind regards


- Shelley Gray

Media Artist, Face and Body Artist

The Sound Emporium is an awesome place it gives me a chance to meet people like me instead being an outsider. I really hope it can go to the Bunker. This place makes me feel positive and happy.


- Joe Wort

I have recently moved my drum lessons to the sound emporium. I would just like to mention how moving to you has improved my drumming experience. I get such positive vibes from the sound emporium which I think is key to successful tutoring.
I really hope that the sort of places that you have set up keep going! Thank you !!


- Mark Bennett

The Sound Emporium gives teens something to do not just while they are at The Sound Emporium itself, but also while they are at home with the free loan of musical equipment. This not just keeps them occupied and off the street while at The Sound Emporium but also when they are at home.
Most of these kids have a lack of confidence and the learning of new skills in music really helps develop social skills. These teens have also helped set up events that benefit the community such as the Bemerton Heath festival and have taken part in events like The Magna Carta Parade.
The Sound Emporium, is in my opinion the first real properly run and organised adolescent social group that Salisbury has had, it's not just a hang out it provides so much more than music, it goes a long way to making sure these young people are well rounded and balanced individuals.
I personally believe not to give this club a new home would be very sad for Salisbury and a great loss for our future adults.


- Wesiley Drewitt

Application re Planning Consent for the Bunker at Harnham Hill
We are writing in support of the application to make use of the bunker at Harnham Hill.
We have some personal knowledge of the business known as The Sound Emporium and believe them to be a highly motivated and professionally run small business. Indeed they were recently recognised by winning the Elite Care Micro Business Award at a ceremony held in Salisbury Cathedral.
However, perhaps the most telling thing in favour of this flexible and fledgling business is that they have a real community heart. We have witnessed the amount of unpaid effort that they constantly invest in local youth. As in so many towns and cities today, young people sorely need an organisation and premises to develop their talents and self esteem. This subsequently develops them into the community as good citizens. None of this of course, can appear in a balance sheet.
We are well aware that there is some vocal opposition to this use of the Bunker, but sincerely believe that those opposing the scheme have little or nothing to fear. The Sound Emporium demand high standards of behaviour from their youngsters and maintain close contact with both the local authority and the Police Service.
We hope you will take these views into account during your decision making process.


Yours sincerely


- Roy & Melanie Sanderson

I cant tell you where I would be right now without these amazing people! They have made my life a dream and I enjoy being here so much.
There are a lot of people who go to the youth club on Friday nights and I will tell you something now, they are my family and when I'm down they keep me going and when I'm on stage singing or doing something like that they are always so supportive and I couldn't ask for better supporters.
I will tell you a little story, before I came here I was anxious and scared to talk to anyone or be near people I didn't know and I used to go out into town and be bored all the time. I used to go out at like 6-10 on Friday nights and hang out at the park and ever since I have come here its like I am a new person. I come here every Friday and sing and hang out with my friends and also my confidence has gone up so much I can talk to whoever I want and I can stand next to anyone who I want to without getting scared and feeling like I'm about to be beaten up!!.
Ross, Kayleigh and dave are the most supportive people I could ever ask for they're so lovely and kind and funny and they're like family to me! They make me laugh so much and its like I'm so happy being here and I wouldn't ask to be anywhere else on a Friday night they are so fun!
If this place closes down then what am I meant to do? I'm happy now and I'm not going down the path I went down before.
Thank you Ross , Kayleigh and Dave for being the best of friends/teachers
yours sincerely,

- Lara Marie (13 years old)

Dear Kayleigh, Ross and Dave
I would like to express my sincere thanks for all of your unlimited support and dedication with my son through the Rock School and Sound Emporium.
This organisation has had a hugely positive affect on my son. He has a safe and supportive environment to go to where he can express himself in a musical capacity and his confidence has grown since attending. Its sometimes a difficult time for young people approaching their adulthood and establishing who they want to be. I feel so grateful that the Sound Emporium exists, as it is unique in a way that young adults with various different musical interests and backgrounds can meet often discovering valuable friendships along the way.
The team at the Sound Emporium are so in tune with the young people that attend. They have a great deal of respect from all that attend and I'm sure it is due to the great relationship they build with the young people. I hope the local residents of Harnham that have concerns take the opportunity to visit the club as I am sure they would be pleasantly surprised at the behaviour of the people attending and also the guys involved in the running of this organisation.
I can only sing the praises of Kayleigh, Ross and Dave and say a great big thank you for never giving up when faced with the many challenges that have come your way with the Sound Emporium.
"Keep on Rockin and Rollin "
Kind regards

- Lorraine Whyte

I think Hendrix House should stay because it’s a great outlet for young people like myself to improve social skills and gain friends. The most valuable things I think Hendrix House has to offer is the amount of creativity and freedom there is here.
My brother who is an inspiring drummer has already started a band and I think that’s great because I believe that the young mind has so much creativity and should be used fully. People say music grows ‘violence’ but I think it helps young people mentally. Would you rather have your kids bored at home or talking to people? not through social media but in person? Instead of being bored they are making bands and creating an amazing piece of art.
Hendrix should stay, especially in an empty town like Salisbury which lacks creativity and areas for young people to go. Please listen to me and make the future better for young people who live in Salisbury.


- Tommy Wort (16 years old)

Dear Sound Emporium,
We have been so impressed with all the work you are doing with The Sound Emporium. There is a real lack of any decent provision for young people in Salisbury. You are providing a unique, creative environment which can only be for the good. We should be investing in young people and offering them safe spaces to work together.
Our children are 8 and 11. Already they have watched older kids from Sound Emporium performing in public in Salisbury, and it's given them something to aspire to. They love school of rock each week - it gives them freedom to try different instruments, write songs, create album covers and meet other kids. The atmosphere is great. I think your offer to local residents to be on the board is a very good one; the bunker offers so much in terms of a location that it would be a very great pity if it were to be opposed due to unfounded fears and stereotypes about young people.
We will support you in any way we can.


Sandra and Tim Treslove

Dear Ross,
I think that school of rock is amazing !!! It has loads of stuff to do and enjoy. I love it so much that I wait for Wednesday to come each and every week! I think that whoever says it isn't are complete spoil sports that would have everything fun stopped in the world ,they are basically the modern versions of scrooge! I actually think that the outrageous article in the newspaper was rather funny because if any thing this club would help any child in need of it . I will always support this amazing club and hope it and many more clubs are free to continue.

- Catherine Treslove (11 years old)

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